A bad boss could ruin your motivation to work


“My boss made a mistake on the project we were working on. Instead of owning up to his mistake, he blamed me for it. I sat through the meeting shocked and disappointed. I then started planning my exit strategy. I loved my job, but I could not trust my boss anymore,” says Bridgette Hyancith, a professional consultant and the author of the book Future of Leadership.

She continues that her boss would throw a subordinate under a bus in a heartbeat to portray himself as a good person. Regardless of how good a job is, once a manager does not back you up, you will be miserable. Hyacinth says a bad boss chases away the best employees and demotivates those that choose to stay.

“People do not leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses. A bad boss creates fear and makes work drudgery. Most of the time, if an employee has an issue with the company, it is something relating to their boss.’’ Hyacinth says workers spend half of their lives at work and their atmosphere is usually determined by their immediate supervisor. Life is so precious to spend 40 hours a week in constant stress and misery.

It is, therefore, better to persist with a bad job with a good boss other than vice versa. Peace at the place of work is more important than money.

“The corporate world is full of managers, instead of leaders. Leaders build people, managers tear them down. Good leaders are good bosses and they strive to make their organisations better, but also, their employees’ lives. They are not after the title and respect, but the employee welfare at the place of work. This motivates them to love their work,” she adds.

She says working for a bad boss is evidently a more risk factor for heart diseases than smoking and lack of exercise. Pressure rises from unfeasible targets, lack of support, unfair practices and threats of punishment at work.

“I used to work for a good boss, but the job was not paying enough. I quit and got another one with medical allowances, commission and bonuses, but the boss was a nightmare. I was pushed to quit and start my own business,” says Monica Mwesigye, a manager of Owen and Sons Company, in Buikwe district.

Mwesigye also says though working for a good boss with less pay maybe draining, it is better than having a good job with a bad boss. She advises upgrading skills and attaining more experience to suit a good salary. Also, aligning oneself with the company’s goals and vision could help one work in the right direction, thus garnering an increment in pay.

“You cannot have proper fellowship with a bad boss. An unfriendly environment is created in the work place, and that makes employees uncomfortable,” she adds.

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