Be the employee companies fight to keep


Martin, a food scientist by qualification, joined the bank as a teller after failing to get a good job that aligned with his area of study. Despite the fact that banking was not something he ever dreamt of pursuing, he chose to embrace the opportunity with a positive attitude and an open mind.

As a teller, he spent most of his first year learning a lot about the banking industry beyond the trainings and orientation programmes organised by the bank. He was as flexible as a red blood cell in a blood vessel and diligently did other work tasks that were assigned to him. Within a period of four years, Martin rose through different ranks to the position of Branch Manager.

He was the envy of his colleagues. As a branch manager, he had a positive impact on his customers, co-workers and the bank. He initiated some simple ideas that made the work environment more interesting and engaging. His branch performance progressively grew each year. This impressive performance earned him a higher position at the head office.

At the head office his presence in meetings was very invaluable. He did not just sit like a log, but suggested initiatives that helped the bank save more money and run more efficiently. He always put in extra effort and hours to help with the bank’s vital projects. When Martin was offered a higher paying job by an International Organisation, the bank’s top management tried to convince him to stay by doubling his pay and increasing his benefits. He had the tenacity of a bull dog and a great work ethic that the bank did not want to lose.

You may sometimes feel that your career is in your employer’s hands but it is you who has the power to become that employee that companies fight to keep. Employees who do minimum work are never the Companies favourite. A company can easily decide to live without employees who do only little work.

One should always search for ways to bring up new initiatives, do more and work efficiently in less time. You may or may not love your current job, it may not be something you want to do for the rest of your life, but how well you do it may determine your next career steps. Each single day that you step at your work place, you have an opportunity to make yourself invaluable. The choice is in your hands.

The writer is team leader
and speaker at Winning Choices

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