How to promote yourself at the place of work


“With the rising standards of living, most employees would jump from one company to the other for greener pasture.

But you could look in your coworkers are looking outside. you can look with in and seize open positions,” Jackie Mirembe, the manager of Joy supermarket and Joy guest house in Mitooma district, says.

She says if you want opportunities at your work place, the first step to take is to promote your name. Promoting your name is about motivating yourself by doing that which is significant to your manager and the company as a whole.

Promote your name at the work place by adding value to the work you do, so that the mere thought of losing you, haunts the company. Let your mind buzz with entrepreneurial skills, especially in line with the company goals.

It is hard to succeed at your work place if you do not challenge yourself to take on certain tasks, even those outside your job description. Be self-driven and creative, give your manager reason to be proud of you,” Mirembe adds.

This will build more trust between you and the boss. This work ethic portrays a heart for the company other than just the salary. Always remember the promises you made at the interviews and strive to fulfill them. Take interest in skills and ideas that may help the company so that you are indispensible in the company.

Mirembe also says, as an employee, you should look for opportunities that the company could take advantage of. Do your research and convince your boss that you are the best person to take on the said opportunity.

“The key person that you want to support is your boss because they give you a platform to improve your career. Be available for tasks your manager has no time to do. Pitch in at peak seasons of their work. This way, you are helping your boss succeed and thus, you will gain favour before him/ her,” Richard Mugisha, the managing director of Mugisha Fabrications in Mukono, says.

He adds that an employee should also do outside activities, which are out of office like sports. Managers are willing to support their employees in areas they are talented. You may be called upon to represent the company in a sports competition and this will make you a significant employee.

Mugisha also says one should not limit oneself to office connections. Build bridges with other people in other organisations. Study their trend of success and borrow a leaf you use in advancing the company to the same direction.

This is called going an extra mile. “Voice your accomplishments in the company, for example bringing in a new client. This is not blowing your own trumpet, but showing your boss that you love your job.

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