Senior managers urged to embrace soft skills training


In many cases both employees and employers underestimate the value of soft skills training. Yet such training saved an employee from premature resignation on account of her harsh boss who she described as a tyrant.

Alice Lubulwa was a senior manager in Kampala when she felt like she had had enough from her boss and was ready to resign two years ago. However, she attended a leadership course and read a book on leadership by John Maxwell, which liberated her from making a hasty decision.

She became more assertive and started sharing with her boss what he was doing that she felt was not right. The boss was later persuaded to attend the same course leading to his transformation which was unbelievable.

Today, they are happily working together in mutual respect. Such leaders are the target for the TRAIN campaign, aimed at transforming leadership culture among leaders is Uganda. The first such training was organised by Solutions Africa in partnership with Watoto Church.

It included management skills, designing management strategies, improving relationships between the employer and employee, customer care, among others. “The development of leaders with the exceptional character and skills is critical to Uganda’s development. Transforming the leadership culture in our organisations and government departments will bring progress,” Julius Lukwago, the team leader at Solutions Africa, explained.

Moses Engwau, the co-founder of Business Development Centre, which has been involved in the training, says many organisations do not have a leadership model which results in employees’ failure to fit in the company’s system. “The trainings will help leaders get skills to identify talent and achieve results while passing the skills to their teams, resulting in a great team with skills that can take the organisation forward,” Engwau said.

Pastor Julius Rwotlonyo from Watoto Church said the campaign aims at nurturing good leaders. “We believe that community matters and the TRAIN campaign gives us an opportunity to empower and transform our business leadership culture in Uganda,” Rwotlonyo said.


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