Sh3b skills centre for Kanungu women


By Samuel Sanya

Kanungu district is set to receive a sh3.4b women’s skills training centre to train school drop-outs for self-employment such as tailoring and garment design, handcrafts and pottery, food preparation and catering services.

The facility is the brainchild of 50 women in corporate Uganda under an investment club referred to as the K16 Galz Network. Gloria Kyampeire Muriisa, the chairperson of the group, said a portion of the funds had already been collected.

“The goal of the project is to improve “employability” of young people in Kanungu district with particular focus on girls who never went to school and those with modest education such as school drop-outs,” Muriisa said. “We will seek to tap into their creativity and talents and empower them to apply these to the contemporary job market,” she added.

Muriisa explained that the actual cost of construction is estimated at sh2.9b, while equipping the facility will cost an extra sh500m, bringing the total cost to sh3.4b. She added that there were plans for an entrepreneurship fund of between sh400m and sh500m for low interest lending for students to implement their ideas.

She said construction of the facility on five-acres of land would commence in December after approval by the authority. Muriisa said the plan is to train up to 100 girls in every intake. The skills trainings are expected to cover a month. According to data from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), Kanungu is one of the districts whose development indicators are still below the national average.

The census in 2014 showed that 33% of Kanungu population is below the poverty line, while 24% of them live in absolute poverty and majority of these are women. In addition, the data showed that 52% of the girls enrolled in school do not complete their education.

Muriisa said the high dropout rate for most girls in Kanungu was primarily attributed to a number of challenges such as household poverty that compels families to sacrifice girls’ education, early marriages and unplanned pregnancies.

Tips on improving one’s skills

Do you want to get better at something, the key is to make sure you use a method that follows the reaching and repeating, engagement, purposefulness, strong, speedy and feedback gauge.

Reach: In short, you have to consistently reach and constantly repeat a task. Always put yourself in a position to reach others, over and over again.

Engagement: Practice must command your attention and make you feel emotionally invested in striving for a goal.

Purposefulness: Your practice must directly connect to the skill you want to build. Say you feel nervous and intimidated when you have to speak to a group. Rehearse at home, alone, until you know your material inside out, or practice speaking to small groups of people in less formal settings.

Strong, Speedy Feedback: Practice must provide an immediate and consistent flow of accurate information about performance. Say you are studying for an. You purchased a sample test guide and take a complete test and wait until the next day to see how you did, or complete a section and immediately grade your answers to see where you went wrong.

Immediate feedback is the best feedback; you will better connect the dots because you are in the flow. Waiting even a day for feedback creates a mental distance and a lack of engagement that are really hard to overcome.

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