Tips of overcoming fear at work


“The oldest and the strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unknown. I experienced it when I was told to give a report in the meeting at my previous job and tears rolled down my cheeks,” Rachael Byamukama, a proprietor of Byamukama Fabrications Company and restaurant, says. Byamukama says she feared being singled out and being ashamed in front of her bosses at the workplace.

Fear could involve being singled out, having to face unnerving situations like being evaluated during evaluations or interviews at work. Byamukama says, it is normal to feel nervous and upset when things get out of control. “Intelligent, mature and driven employees will manage their fear.

A new boss can make one nervous. A direct supervisor can have an impact on one’s stress levels, but one needs to endeavour not to be emotional,” she adds. Byamukama says if the anxiety is because of change in the workplace, acknowledging that change is the first step to overcoming fear.

One needs to realise there is nothing they can do about it. So, they accept it, instead of being an emotional employee. Be always grateful and thankful. She adds that an employee should also acknowledge the fears.

“Write down your fears so that you can stop dwelling on them. Have a backup plan to help you adjust instead of seeking self-sympathy everywhere,” Byamukama advises.

“My boss at my former job told me to give an accountability of the funds in the company. I got worried. I was stressed because of fear until I shared my worry with my closest workmate. I was surprised that he went through the same experience,” Moses Mukisa, a businessman and a proprietor of Mukisa Boutiques in Ibanda, says.

He adds that in order to overcome fear at the workplace, share your emotions with your workmate. It will help you feel better and remind you that you are not alone. Everyone at the workplace is afraid of something, be it your boss or the top executive officer.

They only have mastered how to handle their emotions. Your colleagues who have had similar experiences could help you know how to deal with it. Mukisa says communication is important in overcoming fear at the workplace. When employees effectively communicate their fears to their co-workers and the leaders within the organisation, such concerns can be communicated and solved.

Mukisa also advises that an employee taken up with fear should accept seek support sometimes in form of counselling. Co-workers will appreciate that one is reaching out and will be willing to offer support. Workmates can be a good source of advice if they have been in your situation before. Opening up to your trusted coworkers can save and relieve you.



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